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On: 31 Jul 2020

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“He could only live for 2 months,”, Doctors said

Hi, I’m Anshu, a 21-year-old medico. Trust me, my story will take you on a roller coaster ride. It all started when I was in 10th standard. My eyes yearned to see him. He was a charm. I come from an orthodox family to be specific, “Brahmins”. He happened to be in the 1st year of his B. Tech (engineering degree). He met my eyes in a marriage, in my summer vacations. He’s funny, made me laugh all day. Yes, we talked!! It occurred to be a 10 days marriage. so I got more time to spend with him. He was very kind; I liked him.

So on the 10th day, we all had to leave. I didn’t want to go. But Two days before we left, he gifted me Bangles and said “If you like me, wear this bangles tomorrow for sangeet”, Filmy right? I was blushing and on the next day, to his surprise, his bangles were clanging on my hands, he was dancing as he saw my hands. It thrilled me too. The 10th day is here. I was sad and happy, I don’t know? So before we left, we exchanged our numbers and spent time with each other. I had a keypad mobile. We used to talk so much. As I was the only girl in our joint family, I had my perks, I get whatever I asked for and no one said anything if I use a mobile, But I was in my limits.

 One day a news made me dance……, “You are going to the hostel in Vijayawada”, My father said.

Those happy hormones rushed through my veins. Because Pradeep lives in Vijayawada. But the fact that I’m going far away from my family made me cry. I would have Disagreed to this decision made by my father if it was not because of Pradeep.

But there’s a brief smile on my face, I wanted to surprise Pradeep so; I lied to him that I joined some local college.

I reached Vijayawada; I’m so eager to meet new friends and Pradeep in particular. I talked to him as usual. I knew where he’d hang out on Sundays, so I was there to surprise him. We had outings every Sunday in our college. So I reached there on Sunday. He looked at me from a distance and I turned away; he came close to confirm if I was his love or not. To his surprise, I was. He was so happy and surprised, he kept asking me “how the hell you got here”. My cheeks have gone red so much that I couldn’t speak. A few minutes…. I told him everything. He was so excited, and I was too. We used to meet every Sunday, months passed by. 

We had a lot of fun, Everything was so good until one Sunday, we met and wounds were all over him. It terrified me, “I met with an accident, don’t worry these are nothing”, he said. But I was worrying all day about his injuries…… After two months, on a Sunday we met, as usual, we went shopping and had lunch together. On the way back to my hostel, he spoke something which I didn’t understand. His words were “Stay strong, we aren’t sure how life takes turns, and always remember one thing when you met with any hostile situations don’t stick at one point, learn to move on”.

He presented me with a ring and told me not to take it out. A couple of days later I received neither a call nor a message from him. I was tensed, his words kept ringing in my mind. I tried calling him constantly, but he didn’t answer any of my calls or messages. I got one of his friend’s phone number and I called him, the news I heard made me feel like my heart got squeezed till the last drop of my blood and shattered into pieces “He died with a brain tumor, after the accident doctors said he could only live for 2 months” his friend said. I fell to the ground, crying loudly as memories of him flashed before me. I thought to end my life, but his words stopped me. There’s no courage left in me to wave him a last goodbye, I wished I could share the place beside his grave. I never dared to see him lying dead at his house, so I never went to see him. I regret it now that I Believed his friend rather than to see it myself…..… to be continued.

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