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"Despair was at his door, knocking to come in. But he didn't let that in"

Hello, I’m Sandhya. This story is about a superhero; My dad… Everyone appreciates how mothers carry their child for 9 Months and bare the terrible pain while giving birth, but don’t recall how fathers sacrifice time and happiness just for their child’s future.

Well, this story is about my superhero and all his struggle behind the precious smile of his. Krishna is my superhero’s name. He was born into a wealthy family; he was a loveable child back then in his family. Prominently, an apple to his grandparent’s eyes. He was the eldest son after his elder sister in a line of five siblings. He was the most handsome young lad in the entire village. Girls used to fall for his looks. Friends used to be nice to him only because he was rich, which he knew later. He also got a chance to get into the Indian navy, but his parents refused. You know what he was “The Mr.High school” and “The Mr.Handsome” in college.

A girl named Swathi was into him, she admired him, as they were childhood friends as well as neighbours for a long time. “Engineering”, it was a very respected degree back then, but now? I don’t have to say. So one of his relatives insisted that he should join the college of engineering (Guindy), and he got into that college where he thought becoming a mechanical engineer and set up high ambitions. But, everything turned around after his 2nd semester. His parents stopped sending money. He often wrote letters to them, none of them returned with money few of the letters were even ignored. So he started tutoring in the area to pay his college fees. There were times he slept with an empty stomach. But, he was also aware of his academics, he used to top in his class despite the misery he was facing. He couldn’t digest the fact that his parents are ignoring him. In his 4th semester, he received a letter from his home about his sisters’ marriage. So he returned to his village.

Responsibilities were upon my dad, his father stopped caring about his family. Playing cards and getting drunk were his routine and spent all his money on them. My dad tried to make him quit those, but he never listened. So it was my dads’ responsibility to look after the marriage. Those responsibilities made him drop out of his college, all his dreams started fading away slowly as he took responsibilty for his other 2 younger sisters’ marriage.

He one day met Shanthi, his childhood friend. She proposed him to marry her. He was so happy and accepted her proposal, he asked his parents about this marriage, but they refused his mother said ” If you marry her You’ll see my death” A classic Indian parents Dialogue. He had to deny Shanthi because of his mother and also because his family started hating him for no reason, keeping his mouth shut was the only option he had. He felt sorry for her as she put so much trust on him.

Years passed, and his parents came up with a marriage proposal, and they already decided. If he said no, they used to threaten him with suicide. He had to marry her, but the truth my dad was not told, that she was suffering from blood cancer. His parents only wanted the dowry and never thought of how his life would end up. Unknowingly, he got married to her. Her name was Ramya. After the marriage, he came to know that she was suffering from cancer, and he took her Hyderbad for treatment. To his surprise, doctors said that she could only live for a few months, and she was in the last stage of her blood cancer. She died within 6 months of their marriage.

He stayed back in Hyderabad after her death. He started attending job interviews, but many turned his file down because he dropped out of his Btech. Despair was at his door, knocking to come in. But he didn’t let that in. He got a job, and he rented a portion in a house, his tenants were kind to him. His salary back then was 400 Rs. But his family lost their humanity and started asking him to send money home. Even his married sisters began demanding money. He had to transfer 80% of his salary home, with the remaining he used to pay the rent. So after he left his office at 4 in the evening, he started tutoring kids in his area to earn a few bucks more.

Years passed, one day, his elder sister wrote him a letter asking him to come back to the village. They fixed his marriage with one of their distant relatives’ daughter. Her name was Keerthana, she’s very Beautiful. My dad agreed to the wedding after they got married. He took her to Hyderabad and stopped sending money for a few years as they enjoyed with the money they got from the dowry.

A year after they started asking again to send money. My dad never felt it as a burden. He thought it was his responsibility to take care of his family. But my mom (Yes..!! that beautiful young lady is my mom) never received love and affection from my dads’ family. She was married to him in her teenage (17 Years). Many years passed and we 3 sisters were born, I’m the youngest, Hi !! again. when I was 2 years old, my dads’ mother passed away. So, he took us all to the village. There they all made my mom suffer; they all ill-treated my mom. But she tolerated everything for my dad. He took us all back to Hyderabad.

A few years later his younger sister came to him asking help for her daughters’ marriage. His salary at that time was 1000 Rs per month. He had to sell his property for his nieces’ wedding. But they never had gratitude in them, they cashed his help and talked wrong about him that he never took care of them and blaming my mom for it. They lost their virtue when they started selling his properties without even noticing him.

But my mom stood beside him and encouraged him so much. He then realized that he has to be in top position and earn more to take care of my mom and us. He worked so hard that we may live in luxury. This is what fathers do in every family. So, go to your dad now and hug him and thank him for all the sacrifice he did for you. Thank you for hearing out my story, and I hope many fathers feel happy right now because a thank you mean everything to him.

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