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On: 02 Aug 2020

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He faked his death to get rid of me, How could he do that?

Hi, I’m Anshu, this is the second part of my story. Read the first part here and come back. So, After hearing about his death, I’ve been depressed, and tears used to flood out from my eyes every midnight because nobody saw me crying at that time. Whenever I thought of his face, my eyes are overflowed with tears, I couldn’t control myself, and I often fell sick. One night, my friends observed me crying and tried to comfort me, But my grief was so heavy that I couldn’t even believe that he is no more. My friends contacted my parents and told everything to them..they all rushed to see me and took me home. 

 A few days after……. they thought if I was here, I’d be still grieving with his memories. So we moved to a new place. One day while I was going to my bed, I overheard my parents worried about my career. So then I decided to concentrate on my studies and make them feel proud.

 I studied every day, like it was my exam tomorrow and…… phew….!!! I accomplished my dream with my parents’ blessings and with my hard work. So I got into a medical college for my Mbbs.

 The college atmosphere made me feel very welcoming. Everything was going well, and good with my college except one thing that troubled me. Every day on my desk, I used to see chocolates probably put by some unknown, but I couldn’t figure out who that was. As the days passed, “Mr.unkown” kept on giving me chocolates. A day before my birthday I found something along with chocolate, It was a letter, It said “If u want to see me come and meet me at the Mall. Although I wasn’t excited to meet him, I went to the Mall the following day. “Why it has to be always malls,” I asked myself with annoyance. There was a Micky mouse mascot who gave me chocolate and a direction card at the Mall entrance. I followed the direction, and there I saw this person, facing the other side with a guitar, I recalled the moment he turned at me that this was the same person who rescued me twice. He started playing a song with a slideshow of my photos projected on a screen in the background. I fell for it, Those are the photos he captured long back in the marriage where I met Pradeep. Then I memorized that this was the same song he sang back then in the marriage, then he introduced himself saying that his name is Sachin. He was a distant relative of mine. He told me many things that left me astounded.

 A few years ago, in the marriage, he saw me and started admiring me. He sent me a letter saying “If u want to know me, come on to the terrace in the evening, I’ll be wearing a black shirt.” But I met Pradeep, who was also in a black shirt instead of him. I assumed it was Pradeep who sung the song and kept a letter for me, But I was wrong back then, It was Sachin who sang this song and put the letter. Later that day, Sachin proposed to me and had given me some time to tell my opinion. A few weeks later, I decided to accept his proposal and called him and told him to meet me at the same place where we met before.

 On my way to the Mall, guess what I saw, It was Pradeep……. Adrenaline rushed through my veins as I saw him, I felt like Hulk somehow and wanted to crush his Head, My Eyes got furiously red as he saw me too. He started walking towards me, and I was thinking about how to break his bones. I hit his face so hard and kept punching him. Tears began marching out from my eyes while I was taking all my revenge. He then started explaining that he faked his death to get rid of me because he found some rich bitch. How could he ?, I trusted him so much I dreamt about the future with him being the hero in it. How can someone break someone’s heart so easily? Questions never stopped rolling in my mind I was left with no words to speak, I ran back home, and kept weeping. Months passed, I realized that it was his lies, why should I even think about him and moved on with my life.  

I never met Sachin after that day, and he knew all this from my friends and tried to comfort me, as I haven’t responded to the calls he has given me my space and time to move on. I felt that he would also break my heart, but he seemed nice. It took me a year to accept his proposal, but I knew what I was doing this time. As life goes on, I moved on with Sachin, he was trustworthy and honest in all the situations. With him, it was different, and I loved it. This is my story, comment below how you liked it, and do not forget to rate my story.

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  1. Anshu Pandey

    Hey ya’ll share my story with your friends if you like use this platform to share your experience. I hope someone learned something from my story. ✌️Never break the trust of the person you love. ❤️

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