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On: 14 Aug 2020

Category: Weird stories


“It was a usual day in Maya’s life. She woke up, grudgingly, went to the bathroom to freshen up, stared at her closet for over 10 minutes and finally, began to change her clothes. Once she was done, she looked in the mirror to check her appearance.

But she saw someone else in the mirror.

A scream escaped Maya, but there was no one to hear her. Her parents were away at work. The woman in the mirror was young, perhaps in her early 20s and was looking rather sad.

“Do you recognize me?” She asked

Maya was frozen, but somehow managed to shake her head.

“How would you? I’m just another bad news in the newspaper,” the woman said, smiling sadly, “my name is Jess. I was raped and murdered last month but the police have given up looking for the man who did this to me. No one knows where he is, except me. And only you can help me,”

“But, I.. I don’t-” Maya began, unable to comprehend anything.

“Please, Maya. You have to help me to get justice. There’s an envelope in your beside drawer. It has my name and that man’s address in it. Get it to the nearest Police station. Please, Maya, do this for me,”

Before Maya could do anything else, the woman disappeared. She thought it was a bad dream, but when she opened her drawer, she found an envelope.


The next day, when Maya was reading the Newspaper, she gasped.

There was a large photo of Jess printed on it with the headline “RAPIST CAUGHT IN HIDEAWAY HOUSE.” Maya smiled and a warmth filled her heart.


The next day, there was someone else in her mirror again. And this time Maya was prepared.

“Do you recognize me?” The old woman with the lined face said.

“No. I don’t. But I can help you,” Maya replied.

“My name is Agatha. A burglar came into my house and stole all that was dear to me. He stole my jewelry, my money, everything. When I tried to call the police, he shoved me and I suffered from a heart attack. He left me for dead and no one knew what happened,” she said, “there’s a videotape in your closet. It has the footage of the man and shows his face too. You need to grant me justice,”

Without wasting any time, Maya took the video tape and went to the police station.


The next day, she saw the newspaper and smiled. It had a picture of a man being taken into custody, with the headline “BURGLAR CAUGHT FOR STEALING AND MURDER.” The warmth in Maya came again.


This happened a lot of times. Maya helped everyone who had died by some wrong. She didn’t even think twice about getting the evidence to the police. She felt as though she was some sort of superhero.


One day, a Young man, clad in a sharp suit stood in the mirror.

“Do you recognize me?” He asked.

“No, but I want to know what happened to you. Tell me everything,” Maya said.

“I was promised by my boss for a promotion. I was badly stuck in debts and he promised that he’ll help me out. He made me work day and night, and I didn’t have time for family. My wife left me, but I continued working because I thought he’ll help me. Turns out, he lied. He has taken all the credit for all the work that I had done, and gave me nothing in return. Instead, he sent me off to a terrible post. Left me with no choice, I killed myself,” the man said.

“What do you want me to do?” Maya asked

“There’s an address on your table. Mail the address to the police, and they’ll know of all the fraud work he has been up to,” he said. As soon as he disappeared, Maya went to her table and the address was written on a piece of paper. But as soon as she saw it, something inside her plummeted.

It was her address, with her father’s name.


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